NanoHive Medical

(formerly HD LifeSciences)

is the pioneer and leading innovator in 3D printed spinal interbody fusion implants and instrumentation.


NanoHive's  proprietary, biomimetic Soft Titanium  technology clearly distinguishes their products in the $1.9B spinal interbody fusion device market.


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The Hive™ portfolio of interbody fusion devices provide our surgeons and their patients ideal biomechanical elastic modulus properties, clear and precise diagnostic imaging capability, osteoblast cell attraction and integration – all features that lead to consistently strong fusion constructs and efficacious clinical experiences.

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Corporate Responsibility and Compliance

NanoHive Medical is committed to conducting business with integrity and to pursuing excellence in all that we do. Our employees and Directors are committed to honesty and compliance with all of the laws, regulations and corporate policies that apply to our industry, and we expect the same commitment from our business partners and service providers.

Questions related to compliance should be directed  to tim.jette@nanohive.com